What can a parent/guardian/carer do if there are concerns regarding their child's assessment in Years 11 and 12?

Your child’s school must inform you in writing of their school mark and course grade for all courses studied in Years 11 and 12. If you or your child believe that the school mark and/or course grade is incorrect, your child or you acting on behalf of your child should make a request in writing to the school for a review of the result. An assessment review can determine if:

  • the school’s assessment outline does not conform to syllabus requirements
  • the school’s assessment policy does not conform to Authority guidelines
  • the school’s assessment procedures do not conform to its assessment policy
  • there are procedural errors in allocation of the school grade or computational errors in the determination of the school mark.

A teacher’s judgement about your child’s achievement (i.e. the mark) on an individual assessment task is not subject to review and as a result the school is not required to re-mark your child’s work. If, after an assessment review has been completed by the school, you still believe that your child’s school mark and/or course grade is incorrect, then your child or you on behalf of your child can lodge an appeal with the Authority. The Student Appeal against School Assessment Application online form is available on the Authority website https://www.scsa.wa.edu.au/forms/forms.

A student appeal against school assessment is not considered by the Authority until an assessment review has been completed by the school.

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