Year 11 and 12

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Every student studying a WACE course must be provided with the:

  • school’s senior secondary assessment policy
  • syllabus
  • school’s course outline
  • school’s assessment outline.

The school's course outline and the school's assessment outline are developed by the teacher/s based on the current syllabus.

School assessment policy+

Each school is required to develop a senior secondary assessment policy which provides information to Year 11 and Year 12 students, their parents/guardians/carers and teachers on the following:

  • how the required curriculum and assessment documents will be provided to students
  • security of assessment tasks
  • rules for the conduct of school examinations and externally set tasks
  • assessment of students who do not complete the assessment program
  • procedures to be implemented if assessment is affected by a catastrophic event
  • assessment of students with special educational needs
  • reporting of student achievement
  • authentication of student work (including cheating, collusion, plagiarism, appropriation, etc.)
  • assessment of students transferring between courses and/or units
  • assessment of students transferring between schools
  • retention and disposal of student work
  • assessment review and appeal processes.

The syllabus and sample course outlines and assessment outlines can be found on the relevant pages which can be accessed from the syllabus and support materials page of the Years 11 and 12 website.

The WACE Manual

Assessment reviews and appeals+

The school is required to provide Year 12 students with the final school mark and grade submitted to the Authority and with the opportunity to query their school assessment and resolve any issues which may arise.

For more information see the WACE Manual and the Year 12 Information Handbook.

ATAR Examinations+

ATAR course examinations are developed and conducted for all Year 12 ATAR courses.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority sets, administers and marks the ATAR course examinations.

Students who are enrolled in a Year 12 ATAR course pair of units are required to sit the ATAR course examination in order to complete the course. There are both written and practical examinations for some ATAR courses.

Note: for ATAR courses with practical components, students must complete both the written and practical examinations.

The Year 12 Information Handbook contains important information for Year 12 students and their parents/guardians/carers. The handbook is published in two parts. Part I is for all Year 12s and is published early in Term 1. Part II focuses on the ATAR course examinations and is published early in Term 3.

The examinations page on the Year 11 and 12 website has useful information for students and their parents/guardians/carers about topics such as timetables and university entrance.

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