Is there a curriculum for students with disability in Years 11 and 12?

Some students with special educational needs may require modifications or adjustments to their learning programs and assessments to access the curriculum equitably. If enrolled in ATAR, General or Foundation courses, the achievement of these students should be reported against the achievement standard of the course.

The Authority provides a range of support for students with special educational needs. These are students who have been identified as having a disability recognised under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and who, as a consequence of their disability:

  • cannot access the ATAR, General or Foundation course content with adjustment and/or disability provisions, or
  • require modified and/or independent education plans.

Only students who have been identified as having a learning difficulty and/or an intellectual disability can enrol in Preliminary courses. These courses are designed to accommodate the broad range of abilities of students with special educational needs. They allow for adapted approaches to teaching and learning. This supports students to access learning they need to develop essential skills.

Each Preliminary course has units described in a syllabus. Students are not required to attempt all four units. Teachers are best placed to decide how many and which units to include within the individual learning plan for each student enrolled in a Preliminary course.

Preliminary units in themselves do not contribute to the requirements for the WACE. However, students undertaking Preliminary units may also undertake workplace learning, VET and endorsed programs such as ASDAN modules, which do contribute to the WACE.

There are provisions for adjustments to be made for students whose access to timed assessments could be significantly affected due to a diagnosed disability, impairment or medical condition. These are detailed in Equitable Access to Assessment Policy and Guidelines. The Guidelines are available on our website.

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